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UKEHC membership pack info:

Support UKEHC by purchasing a membership pack that helps us to continue bettering the standards and services of the UK Hajj and Umrah business sector and ultimately enhancing the pilgrim experience.  We want to do our best to ensure you experience the best possible Hajj or Umrah by taking away your problems and treating them as our own.  Purchasing a membership pack will allow us to continue contributing towards our objectives and at the same time provide you benefits that far exceed what you spend on a membership pack.

As part of the member ship pack you receive the following:

  • Free Hajj or Umrah Insurance, provided by Allianz whom are the world’s largest Insurance company.
  • Free Hajj and Umrah guide.
  • UKEHC discount card, valid in over 7000 High street locations in the UK. We intend to expand that list and also add vendors from Saudi Arabia to the list.  ( It is possible to double your investment from the membership packs in obtaining discounts using our card )
  • Rosary ( Tasbeeh )
  • Saudi Sim card provided free of charge, you just need to activate it once you arrive, activation points are provided.

Why support UKEHC ?

UKEHC is an Independent Organisation set up since 2011 to combat Hajj fraud and better the services and standards in order to enhance the pilgrim experience.  Without any funding we have achieved the following results so far:

Credentials of UKEHC:

  • The first and only independent Hajj and Umrah Organisation that is self funding and not registered as a charity.
  • Working as an Organisation since 2011
  • The first ever European Organisation to undertake official risk analysis studies with the Saudi Ministry Of Hajj to create Europe’s first and only tailor made Hajj and Umrah Pilgrim Protection Policy that not only protects the pilgrim but also covers the package cost up to £7500 for the package alone.
  • The first Organisation to create the Pilgrim Protection Policy in partnership with the worlds largest Insurance provider ( Allianz )
  • The first and only Hajj and Umrah Organisation to create and provide a tailor made Hajj and Umrah cloud based back office system for free.
  • The first independent Organisation to work officially with the Civil Aviation Authority on compliance and development of our back office system
  • The first European Hajj and Umrah Organisation to contract with Saudi Telecoms Providers for facilitation and efficient processing of sim card and adahi sales for UK pilgrims
  • The first UK Hajj and Umrah Organisation to officially consult with the UK FCO regarding Hajj and Umrah visa charges
  • The Only Hajj and Umrah Organisation to officially write an industry report for the UK prime Minister upon his request.
  • The only Hajj and Umrah Organisation that supports compliance and regulatory initiatives
  • The first and only Hajj and Umrah Organisation that has introduced financial products for the UK Hajj and Umrah industry
  • The worlds first and only Hajj and Umrah Organisation to provide a summary of GDPR regulation and partnered with a consultancy to offer a tailor made GDPR compliance solution and training
  • The Only Hajj and Umrah Organisation that has specialist communication lines for the reporting of violations to the Saudi Ministry Of Hajj and ATOL
  • The only independent Hajj and Umrah Organisation to work officially with the Government of Spain on tourism boosting initiatives
  • Official partner and board member of the World Hajj and Umrah Convention
  • Official partner and executive board member of The British Hajj and Umrah Council
  • Self funded all initiatives, operations and overheads since 2011, till date we have not taken a penny from anyone

These are just a summary of our achievements to date, we have numerous more and we look forward to adding plenty more with your support

Our Objectives:

  • In conjunction with The British Hajj and Umrah Council and its partners we intend to have on the ground support teams to support and facilitate all pilgrims. If there is a problem, we do not want to have pilgrims complain when they get back, rather, let our ground staff know and we intend to take immediate action – no matter what the problem.  We have already conducted pilot studies in conjunction with the Pakistan Hajj Mission and our Saudi partners.  We intend to create enough funding to ensure we have enough staff to support all UK Hujjaj.
  • To have a fully compliant Hajj and Umrah sector – we have been working hard to ensure all customers receive clear and concise information as well as all the correct documentation and certifications from your travel agents. We have been providing all travel agents with the platforms and training to work within compliance, to further get our message across we need the customers to support us and our vision.
  • Enhancing Pilgrim Experience – we intend to look at all common problem areas and address them at the highest level to ensure those problems are being addressed. We and our partners have agreements with most of the major stakeholders in the industry, we have worked hard to be able to get to this position.  We are now ready to start addressing these issues in collaboration with the BHUC and its members.
  • Polished Gem Programme – a project to be undertaken with the South African Islamic Council. ( More to come soon )
  • A streamlined, instant and effective complaints and action structure for Hajj and Umrah.

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